Maintaining the beauty and health of your locks is not an easy task. To keep your hair looking well-groomed and pleasing to the eye, you need to pay regular attention to it, including a whole range of properly selected care procedures, adhere to a healthy diet and use quality products for everyday care. Conversely, to worsen the condition of strands can be very easy - it is enough just once to violate the technology of coloring or go to a low-quality shampoo from the mass-market. And so, loss, increased brittleness, porosity and cross-section will not wait long. Let's try to analyze the varieties of hair damage and methods of eliminating such defects.


Types of hair damage: the main varieties

Speaking about hair damage, it is worth starting with the basics. Conditionally, all varieties of damage to the strands can be divided into endogenous (internal) and exogenous (actually, external). The first are represented by functional abnormalities that violate the functions of the body. This can be avitaminosis or hypovitaminosis, metabolic diseases, pathologies of the digestive tract, diseases of the nervous system, as well as genetic predisposition and some other conditions. Disruptions in the body can harm the hair, cause changes in its structure, provoke a serious deterioration of its condition. To cope with such disorders can be overcome only with a comprehensive approach, with the combined efforts of trichologists and therapists or subspecialists. Doctors select treatment individually to normalize the work of the body and contribute to the recovery of strands.

As for exogenous disorders, it is possible to cope with them with the help of cosmetics and various procedures. Damages caused by external factors include:

  • Mechanical damage. These are conditions caused by sloppy impact on the strands of a permanent nature. They can be provoked by rough intensive combing, including wet strands, as well as tight tight hairstyles (braids, tightened ponytails, etc.). Careless handling of hair can lead to increased brittleness of strands, hair loss and hair splitting.
  • Thermal damage. With regular use of a hair dryer on a hot mode of blowing or iron, exposed to a temperature above 200 ° C, without means of thermal protection thermal damage can not be avoided. Also, the risk of such problems with hair increases when staying in the open sunlight, especially in the summer heat. High temperatures lead to the softening of keratin, the formation of microscopic cracks, as well as to a high sensitivity of strands to mechanical trauma due to weakening and thinning of the rod.
  • Chemical damage. Such problems with strands can be provoked by inept use of chemicals (paints, lighteners, etc.), systematic perms and the use of low-quality chemicals. Damage of this kind can soften the structure of hair shafts, weaken disulfide bonds, wash out protein components and melanin. Due to chemical damage, strands become weakened and dull, brittle and split, susceptible to mechanical trauma.

But is it possible to restore strands after the above damage? To improve the condition of hair and deep regeneration, it is better to consult a specialist - a professional trichologist, who will work together with an experienced master cosmetologist (hairdresser), nutritionist and, if necessary, other specialists. And do not wait for a miracle, for a radical renewal of strands you need to spend a lot of time, as well as to take care of a comprehensive approach to changing the whole lifestyle. Of course, professional care plays an important role.


Repairing damaged strands: a step-by-step approach 

Different methods can be used to solve the problem, including:

  • Salon care. The modern beauty industry offers many procedures that treat the hair and promote its deep restoration from the inside, as well as an excellent visual effect. Remarkable results can be achieved with Botox - a more gentle cold or intense hot treatment. This procedure nourishes each hair, saturating it with useful amino acids, keratin protein, life-giving moisture and other important substances, which contributes to deep reanimation. Botox has an accumulative effect, so this procedure is recommended to be carried out at intervals of several weeks or months (depending on the type of exposure and recommendations of the master).
  • Professional recovery at home. There are professional means that can be safely used at home. These are ampoules, complexes of several preparations, serums, etc. They effectively complement the result of salon procedures, support the health and regeneration of strands.
  • Basic care. Daily care of strands also plays an important role for successful recovery. In particular, you need to be very responsible about the choice of shampoo and conditioner. You can give preference to products from the same series, aimed at supporting deep recovery. Specialists recommend favoring sulfate-free products.


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