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Thermal protection

Thermal protection for hair care: how to choose the best product?

Taking care of our hair is an important aspect of our beauty and confidence. Modern styling techniques such as irons, blow dryers and flat irons allow us to transform our hair in a matter of minutes. However, using heat treatments without proper protection can seriously damage the hair structure, making it dry, brittle and lacking shine. Therefore, everyone who styles strands in this way, you need to buy a thermal protection for hair. Let's try to understand its functionality and purpose in more detail.


Why do you need thermal protection for hair and what effect does it give?

Thermal protection for hair is a special product that protects strands from high temperatures used in styling. Its main task is to prevent damage to the curls when exposed to heat. After all, both hair dryer, iron and flat iron can disrupt the structure of hair at the molecular level, especially in the case of colored, lightened, dried out or weakened hair, as well as those subjected to frequent perms or other aggressive procedures.

In addition, heat protection can provide enriching nutrients to help hair stay healthy, smooth and shiny even after heat treatment. This is especially important for those who regularly use styling irons or blow dryers, as without the use of protection, curls can quickly lose their natural shine and become brittle. Professional vs. mass-market products

When it comes to what kind of heat protectant to buy for your hair, professional products have a lot of advantages over mass-market products. They differ:

  • higher quality components and may contain unique ingredients to reconstruct damaged areas of the hair, as well as to improve the overall condition of the strands;
  • higher concentration of active ingredients;
  • the presence of a guaranteed effect, which is confirmed by numerous studies and clinical trials.

Of course, professional hair thermal protection can not be cheap, but its cost as a result is fully justified.


Tips for choosing a thermal hair protector and the rules of its use

If you need the best thermal protection for hair, be sure to pay attention to the composition of such a product. The ideal option is a product enriched with natural extracts, amino acids and proteins that help strengthen strands and protect them from damage.

If you have colored hair, prefer a thermal protection that is designed specifically for this type of curls. Such products have additional properties of protecting the color from fading and burnout.

Simple rules of application:

  • study the manufacturer's instructions;
  • apply thermal protection to damp hair before using heat treatment;
  • do not overload hair with too much product;
  • don't forget that the condition of your hair depends on other aspects of care as well.

Where to buy professional heat protection for hair?

If you need quality professional thermal protection, you can buy it inexpensively in the online store Keratin-shop. Here is a wide range of different thermal protection for salons and home use. Everyone will be able to choose the means that will suit his hair type.

Also in our online store you can order hair oils, professional conditioner or shampoo at a nice competitive price.

Delivery is possible throughout Europe. We will send conditioner for hair care to Ukraine: Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye and EU: Poland, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, England and other settlements. 

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